Xbox Controls Setup

The default Xbox control scheme works with the FlyInside 47 but is not great for helicopters. The largest issue is that the A/B buttons are used to increase and decrease collective, and you'll want more control than that.

Due to an incompatibility with our custom flight model the "GAMEPAD (HELICOPTERS)" profile doesn't properly support yaw control in the 47. "TAIL ROTOR" bindings are not compatible with our flight model.

Instead you'll want to bind the "Rudder Axis" bindings (either Rudder Axis Left/Right channels to LT/RT, or the Rudder Axis channel to one of the sticks).

By default, the Xbox controller sticks are set to have reduced sensitivity. To properly fly the 47, you'll need to make small, rapid, and precise control inputs. We recommend turning up reactivity and setting linear stability curves as shown below.

Our recommendation is to bind the left stick to left/right Rudder and fore/aft Collective. Then bind the right stick to cyclic longitudinal/lateral.

Note: Even with a proper control setup the 47 is challenging and will take some practice to fly well. You may want to reduce sensitivity from inside Heli Manager, as shown on page two of our User Manual for Microsoft Flight Simulator


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